Tuesday, April 14, 2009

passover pounds

I've been pretty good in the month or so leading up to this holiday. Working out a couple of times a week, eating healthy, fighting the urge to dine on Subsational every day.

But then comes Pesach. The ultimate food Chag. Because for 8 days, there really isn't much else to do besides nash. And boy is there food to nash on.

My non-Jewish friends think I must be starving without any chametz options. My less frum friends think I'm surviving on fruit and veggies because of my family's non-Gebrochtz status.

And yet, somehow, maybe it's part of the Pesach miracle, maybe to teach us how they managed to survive on mann all those years in the desert, somehow I've quite possibly gained a pound or two or a hundred in.... how many days of chag has it been?

According to the great wikipedia, "Matza contains approximately 111 calories per 1-ounce/28g serving" - considering that I calculate distance in hours and that skipping science class in high school was one of my greatest achievements (one of, not 'the' greatest achievement'), I have NO CLUE what that means in real pieces of Matza - but I'm sure it means I've been consuming A LOT of calories.

And then there's all that other food that my bubby and mommy make. Maybe it's because she went through the holocaust, but having tons of food in the house is like priority #1 for my grandmother. She doesn't eat it of course. That's where I come in apparently. In bubby's world, the biggest insult is a plate that still has food on it when you're done.

So eat I must.


NotaGeek! said...

The bubby thing sounds very familiar...

harry-er than them all said...

the walks i've been taking have been helping a lot. only setzer or water, and yea nashing on fruit instead.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Bread consumption in general (matzah or not) is frowned upon by many health enthusaists. Anyway, "according to the halakhah" the most one must eat is only an "olive-size" piece of mazhah by the yom tov meals. (A lighter form of bread can also be made from potatoes...not that I worship potatoes like the Ashkenazim do, but it's definitely an option).

(Peronally though I am a bread enthusaist, and feel that a normal amount of bread should not negatively affect ones health, if they lead an active and healthy lifestyle..)

Moshe said...

There's food to eat?! Where?!
Cakes and cookies are disgusting and no sushi. Though there is sashimi.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of freaked out. I had my lap band loosened just so I'd be able to survive Pesach. I assumed this would mean that I would gain weight over the Chag. Boy, did I overcater or what? I've got 7 boxes of matzah left over! (I only bought 10, so I'm not quite sure how I managed that, with a family of four.)
AND I'm down to my lowest weight in the last 10 or more years!
I'm really not sure how I managed that!
Jen in Oz

Anonymous said...

Cute post. BTW people that eat gebrochts on Pesach are not automatically "less frum" than you are. They just have different minhagim.

inkstainedhands said...

What amuses me most about hearing people's stories about weight gain over Pesach is the fact that I lost more than 5 pounds.

Might've lost more if Oh Nuts didn't have such delicious chocolate...

Maidel said...

Harry - did you notice that Tropicana now acknowledges that their juice is not low-cal?

Hebrew dude - life without carbs is no life worth living

Moshe - I need to find a Sephardi dude to marry so I can eat Sushi on Pesach

Jen - Lap band?? whats that?? sounds painful!

Anon - true, eating Gebroktz does not make someone less frum. However, chances are that someone who is not frum, does eat gebroktz (if only because they dont even know what that means).

Ink - boy am I jealous! Any leftover Oh Nuts to share?

inkstainedhands said...

Some chocolates with coconut and caramel left over, but not to share. :p

Woodrow/Conservadox said...

I STILL have the following leftovers from Pesach:

a dozen cans of tuna
4 or 5 bottles of Diet Pepsi
about half a dozen packages of frozen cheese blintzes

(not everything- those are just the things I like to buy in bulk, just in case World War III closes the grocery stores or something).