Thursday, March 5, 2009

all you need is some good music

My good friend Yehudis got married last night! (mazel tov Mr. & Mrs. R!!!)
I gotta say - the music was amazing!
Everything about the wedding was gorgeous, the flowers, the food, and especially the Bride (obviously, I'm only friends with gorgeous girls with good taste).
But I gotta say, the music was exactly what every wedding needs to have.
No need for a 12 man orchestra or to hire Shweky when you have a great DJ who knows how to play a mix of all types of songs to keep the party going.
Seriously, after dessert, when all of our stiletto-ed feet were blistering with pain, we couldn't stop dancing to the music.
I love when a good DJ knows how to change a song before it gets boring, knows how to mix in some Gad Elbaz and Elvis Crespo with the classics, and keeps a beat going even during the meal.
Can't wait for the next wedding!


Talmid said...

I recently was at a wedding with the Moshav Band, who I hadn't heard since a Beit Shemesh Chol Hamoed Sukkos concert about 9 years ago, and I really enjoyed them, they were great! Heavy on Carlebach songs, and really good.