Monday, March 9, 2009

achashverus parties

Are you going to any good Purim parties tonight?
I'm still trying to sort through all of the Facebook invites I've been getting to parties all over my town. My crew will probably do our annual party-hop where we stay at each Party for a half hour before deciding that it's lame, that we know everyone there and we move on to the next.
Some Purim parties feel less like a celebration of a Jewish holiday and more like something that Achashverus would have thrown. You know what I mean, right? Parties where girls seem to have bought their costumes from Victoria's Secret catalogues, where no one knows who Mordechai was (let alone the difference between him and Haman) and where alcohol isn't the only mind-altering substance being passed around.
But I wouldn't really know. I only stick to Kosher parties ;)
(and cmon, if you're that out of it, you're missing out on the real reason Purim parties were invented - to meet guys/girls!)


NotaGeek! said...

No luck tonight, maybe tomorrow...