Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the jewish Ginnifer Goodwin

How did I not suspect this before?
She did just play an overeager, nebby, desperate single girl in her latest movie, which I barely mentioned, He's Just Not That Into You (with fellow yids, Scarlett Johanssen, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore - yup all their moms are part of the tribe).
And she's the bubbly third wife on my fave show right now, Big Love (watch it on surfthechannel or Sunday nights on HBO).
She's pretty cute, charming, and adorable in all her roles (except for those scenes where I wanted to slap her in that movie), and recently broke up with Katie Holmes' ex, Chris Klein (a confusing name to have when someone wants to play Jewish Geography).
According to Wikipedia and this website, Ginnifer went to Jewish summer camp, was affiliated with the North American Federation of Temple Youth and was active in BBYO at the JCC (that’s the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization at the Jewish Community Center) in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.
Now that you know she's one of us, go see her movies!


NotaGeek! said...

Dunno, but she looks kinda Jewish...