Wednesday, January 21, 2009

miss not-so-independent

I used to be good friends with this girl in college, who was really nice and sweet. Then she told me about her new boyfriend, who didn't really seem like her type. Until I found out that EVERY boy was her type.
There are some girls out there who NEED to have boyfriends. ANY boyfriend. Who even in kindergarten were looking for someone to share their crayons with.
I never really understood girls like that.
Who would rather have a boyfriend than a bunch of friends?
And then when they get dumped for being too clingy and needy,
Because let's face it - these girls always are! -
They have no friends to shoulder their cries,
Or at least no friends who really care about a girl who constantly ditched them for a boyfriend.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Agreed. I knew a few girls like that, tons of guy friends and no real girlfriends.

Not ideal at all.

Lost And Not Yet Found said...

Some girls need to feel needed although it's not exactly ideal to block out all your girl friends though. No extreme is good..

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

this reminds me of some negative relationship stories I heard about in my philosophy class. A guy said he didn't like his ex because she always wanted him to come to the city with her, when he didn't like the city. That when he would suggest she go places with her own girl friends, she always said she wanted to go with him, and that she was too clingy.

Then a different girl told about a relationship story, where she has this girl friend that was jealous when she got a boy friend, and would try to sabotage their relationship.

So I guess it goes both ways, so there has to be a balance, there has to be space where they both have their own personal lives, but yet there has to be together time to so that your reminded of why your together.

chanie said...

They're emotionally insecure and are therefore getting into unhealthy relationships.

End of story.