Thursday, January 29, 2009

gay marriage in boro park?

Apparently there are rising divorce rates in Boro Park.
It's not what you think.
Women aren't suddenly realizing they have a way out of their marriages.
Rather, they've realized that they could get more government aid by being single mothers! (the fact that their husbands live in the adjoining duplex apparently hasn't registered yet with the IRS)
That's right - food stamps are in!
What's next?
Will gay marriage soon be the new Charedi trend? (To get papers for relatives from Eretz Yisroel of course)


Child Ish Behavior said...

The finale of Boston legal has something like that happening, celibate gay marriage.

And as for the divorce for tax breaks, why is this so surprising?

Moshe said...

Actually, they don't even get legally married.

Anonymous said...

Really? Thats sick. And I don't mean sick like sick but sick like sick.

Anonymous said...

Not shocking at all.
Borough park is home to the lowest class of judaism,(and that form does not include stealing,abusing,ect)

Abba said...


"they don't even get legally married."

actually, to say it bit more precisely is that they get married *illegally*. NYS law does not permit clergy to perform marriages unless the couple also gets a civil marriage license.

Pinny said...

No, Angel, "Borough park" is NOT "the home to the lowest class of judaism". The lowest class of Judaism is one that blanket condemns an entire neighborhood, with thousands of good hardworking people, hundreds of charitable organizations that DO NOT discriminate against ANYONE (Where else do you find a GLATT KOSHER soup kitchen that feeds ANYONE who comes in, FREE OF CHARGE? And one does NOT even have to be poor to eat there. Or Jewish. They don't ask questions.), and a history of diversity that should be the envy of anyone with a small town background, just because they feel uncomfortable there.

* * *

I like this blog A LOT and check it out nearly every day (thanks MM!), but many of the commenters here have made me question exactly how liberal and open-minded some "liberal, open-minded, modern" Jews actually are.

And it's just not the comments to this post; the amount of "other-Jew" bashing that goes on here is mind-boggling and depressing.

So you don't feel comfortable in Boro Park, Williamsburg, Midwood, or Flatbush. So you don't feel comfortable around, Yeshivish, Chasidish, Bais Yaakov, or Charedi Jews. So you don't like the way NYers define "in-town" and "out-of-town". So you don't agree with some other Jews on the definition of "proper dress".

I would think that "liberal and open-minded" people would be MORE accepting of diversity in culture and custom than they would expect their more conservative cousins to be. I would think that "liberal and open-minded" people would want to set an example of how being "liberal and open-minded" makes one a better person and LESS judgmental of those who have not yet "seen the light". I would think that "liberal and open-minded" people would want to be accepted BY the "others" for whom they are and would therefore be the first to be accepting OF others -- no matter their shortcomings.

There is a lot in this world -- in ALL communities -- to be critical of. But, at worst, limit your criticism to specific examples by specific people that you witnessed yourself and don't use blanket statements to falsely stereotype anyone different than yourself. (And even in these cases it might be a useful exercise to try to be "dan l'kaf z'chus"; we all know how there are times when people saw us doing stuff and never realized the background and other unseen circumstances that excused our behavior. Well, you'd be surprised to know that the same thing happens to others when we are on the other side of the coin.)

MM seems to have a healthy Weltanschauung, which is why I keep coming back here. We can all learn from her.

French Press said...

Pinny, Theres a difference between open mindedness and watching folks pop out more and more babies, exploit welfare loopholes, all while you are trying to scrape by legitimately, and putting off a family because you can't afford children now.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

oysh, thats really crazy!

I remember hearing of people getting into marriages for it to be like a business deal, but never thought that they'd get divorced as a business deal too.

Kinda reminds me of lawyers, that its the same ones that will try to get couples to get married and break up, cause its their job. But at least there its different and their a 3rd party, and not the actual ones getting married and divorced for money. (Nothing against lawyers)

Anonymous said...

Where does it say in the laws that two consenting adults living together have to get legally married? No one can force people to get married. Explain why this is worse than someone impregnating his gf and then leaving her a better situation for financial aid?

frumskeptic said...

this is nothing new.

I mean how else do you think they manage to support 13 children on a single income?

frumskeptic said...

Abba- since when do the frummies have any care in the world of any civil law to follow it? One of my close friends never got civilly married.

Anon- "Explain why this is worse than someone impregnating his gf and then leaving her a better situation for financial aid?"

Its worse because its a chillul hashem.

What the non-Jews do is what the non-Jews do. I don't get represented by them, and people tend to not group me with people who end up in situations like that.

Aside from that, the girl whose bf leaves her pregnant doesn't actually put herself into that situation for the purpose of cheating government, wheras the frummies have 13+ children with every intention of cheating the government (the average taxpayer, making it intentional stealing).

The girl probably never wanted the pregnancy, and found herself ina stupid situation where she was unbelievably naive.

The frum community doesn't "accidently" find that they are pregnant. They just get that way, because they have some retarded thing against using the forms of kosher birthcontrol.