Tuesday, December 16, 2008

segulah segulah

do you believe in segulahs?

Personally, when it comes to segulahs, I take the 'well, it sure can't hurt' approach. Because really, you never know!

But who comes up with this stuff?

I've heard of some interesting ones for dating. Like pouring water for your friends. Then there's the one where you have to say Shir Hashirim or Perek Shira for forty days straight. (I can barely make it to the gym for three days straight, so this one's never really worked out for me).

And there are a ton of dating segulahs that are wedding-related. Like holding onto a bride's jewelry while she's at the chupah. Drinking from the wine cup that the couple drinks out of under the chupah or at benching. Or getting a bracha from the bride directly (much less germy!). Or getting a piece of the plate that the mothers break. (which by the way, I just learned that you are supposed to LOSE! so much for getting excited about getting the biggest piece! or for that collection of broken china that now takes up space in my room)

Then there's the classic - visiting the grave of Rav Yonatan ben Uziel in Amuka. I've been there a few times (even got stung by a bee there? maybe that's a segulah!) and I've heard some pretty amazing stories about girls getting married a year later. I never really davened for myself when I went (except for maybe the last time) - I'll let you know if it works!


Frum Librarian said...

I met my husband less than 4 weeks after my seminary took us to Amuka. Didn't know it at the time, though!

G6 said...

a) You take a bunch of seminary girls just about to go back home and begin dating to Amukah and shocker(!) a lot of them get married within the year. That's one segulah that you can surely hang your hat on! (That said, it worked for me too....)

b) You know what they say about segulah wine at weddings and sheva brochos, don't you? There's so much saliva in those cups that the last girl has to say a Shehakol. (Frankly, the only thing I think they are a segulah for is hepatitis....)

Pinny said...

I did not go to Israel for the first time until after I was married, so I couldn't go to Amuka, myself. When my friends were going to Amuka, I just told them that all I neded was for my (then unknown future) kallah to go to Amuka (which she did).

BTW, my father told me that when an older bochur he knew once asked R' Yaakov Kaminetzky about different segulos he should try that would help him get married sooner, R' Yaakov replied:
"Die bester segula is tzu zein maidlach" ("The best segula is to go out with girls.")

Anonymous said...

I went to Amuka and married my husband during the following year... and I was 30 years old and had been looking for a husband for several years. (i was certainly not an 18 year old seminary girl who just coincedentally went there during my year in israel and "happened" to come back to america and get married."

I personally think Amuka works... I also think Hashem appreciates when people do histadlus and certainly, making the trip to the kever in the middle of nowhere near Tzefas shows Hashem that we are "serious" about davening there. I have always, without fail, found that when I wholeheartedly did my hishtadlus and gave it over to Hashem, he graciously did the rest and gave me what I needed (in this case a great husband.)

good shabbos

EsPes said...

the only segulos that i really believe in are the davening ones. i feel like ppl keep making up more and more... and im a germ freak so i wont drink from a cup thats been passed around to every single girl at a wedding!

little sheep said...

a rabbi i know says the amuka segulah is that it used to be so hard to get there, that they said if you came out alive, you were sure to get married. there is a source for that, i just don't remember it. but now? i dunno...