Wednesday, December 31, 2008

not the ending he was hoping for

My very good and very gorgeous friend, Julia, was in New York last week where she stayed at a friend's apartment on the UWS. This friend set her up with a tall & very cute guy, let's call him Avi, who very conventiently lives in the same building.

Julia and Avi had a pleasant but somewhat boring dinner date at a very expensive steakhouse not very far from the building.

Over dinner, Julia mentioned that she was expecting a very important e-mail from a college professor, but that her friend, having newly moved into the said apartment, did not have internet access.

Avi very kindly accepted Julia's request to use his laptop, and internet access, at his apartment.

After dinner, the two headed back to Avi's apartment, which, as mentioned, is located in the very building where Julia was staying.

While Julia was reading her very important e-mail, Avi let her know that he would be 'freshening up' in the meantime.

Julia noticed that after 'freshening up', Avi smelled very much like Hugo Boss and Crest toothpaste. Julia also noticed that Avi was not wearing the Burberry Blue dress shirt that she had admired over dinner.

Julia gave Avi a smile, not a very sincere one at that, as the Hugo was a little too strong for Julia's liking. She glanced back at the computer screen, and typed a very short e-mail reply to her professor.

All done with her e-mail, Julia gave Avi another smile, thanked him very much for dinner and the internet access, and planted a soft kiss...

on his cheek.

And then she walked to his door and said a very happy goodbye!


Jacob Da Jew said...

What, no Tefillin date?

Anonymous said...

She's such a zoina. Kissing on the first date?!

Anonymous said...

The guy did nothing wrong. She simply turned him down. Big deal.

The Babysitter said...

I didn't know things like that actually happened. That people use the "freshening up" line.

Anonymous said...

Huh. I own both a Burberry blue dress shirt and Hugo Boss cologne. Luckily, I'm not from NY so noone would think this might have been me. And I've never worn either. Not my style.