Monday, December 22, 2008

hotel chanukah

Happppy Chanukah everyone!

For some reason it just didn't feel like a real Chanukah last night.

Being on vacation during the 'Chag' somehow doesn't really feel right...

First of all - there's no snow! And I know the whole 'white' thing only applies to that other holiday, and I doubt it snowed on the Maccabees - but for some reason I've always associated Chanukah with the cold time of year! This is definitely not my first Chanukah in the sun, but maybe this is just the first time I've thought about it.

Also - my bubbie didn't come on our trip and my mom is on strike, so instead of latkes we had another fried potato dish - Ruffles Original Potato Chips. Besides the fact that I hate Original - although they were definitely oily (so in a way, fulfilling the mitzvah of Chanukah), they just didn't feel right.

We also forgot to bring draidels! Or chocolate gelt! (I shouldn't complain about that - my dad gave us the real kind instead)

Luckily, our holiday wasn't that bad - we listened to the lighting of the National Menorah over at the White House on XM radio (on Sirius 3 and XM 38). And I put that Dreidel song by Borat's bro on my IPod.

And besides, there are still 7 days left to make (well.... buy) latkes!


Mikeinmidwood said...

Hope you enjoy Chanukah.

Eiran Kreimer said...

Chanukah Sameach !!!
From Brazil,lol

Anonymous said...

You can buy all that stuff in MB you know. If you're in NBM stop by Judaica, next door to Saras on 163rd.

Maidel said...

thanks Frum. I actually didn't even think about buying anything here! Maybe I'll swing by there today.