Tuesday, November 4, 2008

women in public

So when I self-googled today (I am not ashamed to admit that I do), I came across my name mentioned in a comment on this post on the SerandEz blog:
It's an interesting post about whether it is permissible for a woman to be a public figure. The article suggests that because more attention is paid to women, women are responsible for keeping a higher level of tznius than men.
ProfK commented that men are just as 'noticeable' as women, and gave my recent post about my distractingly hot prof as evidence. (here's the post: http://materialmaidel.blogspot.com/2008/09/teachers-should-be-ugly.html )
So what do I think?
I do think women are more noticeable. If a man and a woman walk by - who do you look at? Guys will look at the woman - to check out her assets. Girls will look at the woman - to check out her outfit. It's the truth.
Girls look at girls. Not because they're attracted. But because they're assessing. When girls check girls out, we think to ourselves "where did she get those shoes" or "is her hair real" or "ugh she's so pretty - I hate her".
Unless the man walking by is especially good-looking, he's not the one that gets noticed first.
BUT - with that said, why shouldn't a woman be allowed to run for public office? Or take on a job or position that puts her in the public eye?
I have a friend who went to a high school that wouldn't allow men to hear their daughter's speeches during graduation. Are women to be seen and not heard? Is that the message being taught to their children?
If women ran the world - the world would be a much better place. Maybe that's what they are afraid of.


The Babysitter said...

It's true that in either case women are the ones you look at rather than the men.

It's too difficult to get into, but it involves the fact that woman have hilchos tznius, while men don't have the same type.

A Jewish lady I know recently opened up a dentist office, and I was wondering if men would come to it, or it will just be woman and children. I don't think a man would go to her, not because of tznius reasons, but because he would feel inferior. Unless the man is very comfortable with his masculinity, he wouldn't use the woman dentist.

Maidel said...


why wouldnt a man go to a female doctor? thats ridiculous. i can't believe that people could even think that it could be an issue.

The Babysitter said...

It's just the way it is, that men are more accepted to be for both gender's. While woman are usually for woman.

But if men would decide they want to go to her, then they would be allowed to.