Sunday, November 30, 2008

my gaydar is off

I was working on a group class project today with some people I've never met before (we were assigned partners!) and boy oh boy was my gaydar off.

One of the guys was wearing a ring on his wedding-ring finger, but it wasn't really typical, so I asked him if he was married.

He said he was, so then this is how the convo went (word for word):

MM: No way! But you look so young! How old are you?
Boy: 22.
MM: And married already? How old's your wife?
MM:Whoa! Older woman! Why did you get married so young?
Boy: I had my reasons.
MM: Is she pregnant?
Boy: No. That wouldn't be possible.
MM: Huh? Ok... so what were your reasons?
Boy: We would have waited, but to get certain scholarships and for immigration reasons, it made sense.
MM:Oh...Your wife is an immigrant? Where from?
Boy: Mexico.
MM: And what do your parents think?
Boy: My mom is ok with it. My dad's a different story.
MM: Because you married a Mexican?
Boy: And because I'm a Democrat.
MM:Oh ok. Well... can I see a picture of your wife???
Boy: Sure. Here are the wedding pictures.
MM: Ok, but why are you showing me this guy? I don't care about him. I want to see your wife!
Boy: Um, well this is one of us together.
MM: But that's you and the same guy!
Boy: ....
MM: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! So that's why your dad hates you!


NotaGeek! said...


It must have been embarrassing ..
I guess he wasn't one of those clear out gay types.

frumskeptic said...

oh gosh!!

Would've been totally mortified!!

Rafi G said...

that's a funny, but embarrassing, story

Maidel said...

luckily for me, I don't get easily embarassed!

unluckily - i blush easy!

chanie said...

so, maybe hes not really gay, but just wanted to give his friend a green card and get some scholarships..........maybe?

Maidel said...

maybe chanie.... but i dont think that explains the gay pride parade pics....

Miss S. said...

Ok; but why didn't he correct you when you first said the word "wife". I dunno, if I were either party of a male gay couple, I would not want to be referred to as a wife, nor refer to my partner as that!

The Babysitter said...

I would have thought he would have corrected you on the wife part right away.

and now I see Miss S said the same.