Monday, November 24, 2008

in the mood for movies

ever happen that you're home alone one evening with nothing to do?

you've checked your e-mail and facebook at least 10 times. you've read all the latest gossip from your fave bloggers. and you've already caught up with every episode of desperate housewives.

so what else is there to do?

there's nothing on tv at the moment. or maybe you don't have cable. so you go online, looking for something to watch.

need ideas?

go to . That's right - WHAT TO RENT!

You will LOVE the quiz. It looks long, but takes max 5 minutes. And the questions (such as how much would you need to be paid to wear a green neon fanny pack for the rest of your life) are hysterical. It's also interesting to see what movies they come up with based on your personality....

It def comes with an MM recommendation!