Friday, November 28, 2008

happy black friday!

Hope you're taking advantage of the crazy deals today!

Wish I could shop too :(

But I've got so many things to do! (I know, I know, what could be more important than shopping...)

Why does it have to be Black Friday? Black Sunday would be much more convenient. (espesh when you're a Jew - Fridays are never long enough to get anything done!)

Random thought as you shop:

Ever notice that when something's on sale, all of a sudden you "need" it?


Child Ish Behavior said...

I think you took the words right out of my mouth on the last one. And I took two pages to say the same thing.

The Babysitter said...

I agree with you, would be more convenient if it was Black Sunday instead.

In the morning, I checked online at some stores, but nothing seemed that great, and I didn't really need anything they had listed.

But yea, I was thinking the same thing about sales and spending money.

Leora said...

I took my daughter to Sears in the middle of all my Friday cooking, and as we waited on line with clothes that weren't anything special, I listened to a woman talking about how the lines at Kohl's were out the door. And there's the poor guy at Walmart who got killed by a stampede of shoppers; our rabbi compared him to Esav, while he said the Mumbai killers were like Yishmael.

Black Friday is over-rated and actually dangerous.

Pinny said...

1. Leora, how is the murdered Walmart worker like Esav?

2. I just heard a radio news anchor refer to tomorrow as "Cyber Monday". That would imply that there might be big online sales tomorrow.

frumskeptic said...

I never understood Black Friday shopping. Theres a few deaths or major injuries every year. Safer to stay home...especially since I never actually need anything that cant wait till cyber monday! :)

Pinny- Yup... they say cyber monday is the least productive day of the year, because most employees just spend all day shopping online! :-).

I cannot do that as my company doesnt allow internet access even during lunch, but if I really needed something, I would've totally had mom buy it online for me at her office :)!