Friday, October 17, 2008

uws brothel?

I have a friend, Yehudis, who's going to be in NYC for Simchas Torah.

She was going to go party in the UWS until one guy told her not to.
Why? Apparently the place is like a "brothel" - yup direct quote from said guy.
The guy, who happens to be a shtark YU type, told her this story about how he was there one time for the holiday, having dinner with his friend and a bunch of people he had just met. One of the girls probably drank a little too much wine, and decided that she was feeling especially touchy-feely that evening. And this guy happened to be sitting right next to her, when all of a sudden he feels her hands on his thighs underneath the table. (Pretty shocking for a shtark YU type!)
I happen to have a few friends on the UWS, none of whom are that girl, and none of whom would do what that girl did - as far as I know!
So why the bad rap?


Jessica said...

Why the bad rap? Because that guy had a bad experience that could have happened anywhere, but happened on the UWS. Instead of understanding that it was this girls "mistake", he went and blamed an entire community.

EsPes said...

at risk of sounding stupid- whats UWS?

Anonymous said...

UWS- Upper West Side.

EsPes said...

oooh! sorry abt that- im not from ny

Maidel said...

thing is jessica - ive heard this from more than one source...