Sunday, October 5, 2008

kosher chippendales?

My ghetto co-worker was talking about how she's so excited for me to get married. You might find that weird, being that she isn't my mother and all.
The reason she wants me to get married is so she can plan my bachelorette party. You know, the crazy wild party these people have a week before the wedding? (It's not that I'm belittling your intelligence with this definition, but apparently Chasids, oh excuse me, Chassidim, read my blog)
So anyhow, apparently she wants to get me out of my "prude" shell (apparently I don't show enough cleavage for her taste) - she thinks it would be fun to make me wear ridiculous outfits printed with male body parts and have me drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol and take me to one of her favorite hangouts - a male stripclub.
Ohhh yes - a male stripclub. (dear Chassidim, please stop reading now).
When she made the suggestion to me, I must have made a face. Because then she asked me whether I was "allowed" to go to stripclubs.
I wasn't sure what to say. Am I allowed? Are male stripclubs kosher?
Oh who cares - honestly, even if they were under Badatz supervision, I'm not sure I would want to step a foot in the door.
btw - I think I've decided she won't be invited to the party.


dovid said...

i think it's ok as long as you let your chosson know.

i go sometimes with my wife. not a big deal

Anonymous said...

Dovid: I hope your wife goes with you to regular strip clubs, y'know, just to keep it fair.