Sunday, October 5, 2008

a nice beige world

Someone asked my 'mixed' friend if she would only date sephardi boys. She said that being 'mixed', she feels comfortable in both 'cultures'.
thought of the day:
I bet in a few generations (probably sooner rather than later) there won't be any distinction between Sephardi and Ashki Jews - we'll all just be a nice shade of beige.


dovid said...

why should we mix. we need to preserve our roots. i would never dream of marrying a hungarian girl. my parents are persian, my grandparents are persian.
and so is my wife, bh

Risa said...

Excuse me, aren't we already beige?

jude said...

i never heard anyone call themselves beige risa.
black, white, brown, even yellow, but never beige.

Tanya said...

I agree with MM, I'm mixed and that is after both my parents became Lubavitch, soon everyone will have a more diverse and healthier gene pool as long as we're married to Jews, i think it's all good. Dovid, you're kind of racist, if you are male you're minhagim will be followed, you don't need to marry a Persian girl to "preserve your roots"! I'm sure you and your wife are very happy to keeep the same minhagim, but that is not what makes a marriage, it just makes it easier.