Thursday, October 16, 2008

the great tv divide

a friend of mine suggested a guy to me. when i asked how frum he was she said, "oh you know, like you, but he doesn't watch tv - he doesn't want a tv in his house. "
i must've been wearing stockings that day for this friend to suggest this guy to me.
but why does the watching and owning of a television set cause such a divide in the frum world?
granted, i dont exactly think that tv is conducive to the best social values - have you noticed that words like "b*tch" and "sh*t" may now be heard on even daytime programming?
but surely owning a tv doesn't define one's character - does it? (anymore than my owning a telephone? imagine if super-frum people didn't own telephones - because you never know who your daughters could be calling!)
and what about the fact that i own a tv does not mean that i spend 100% of my free time sitting in front of it.
or what about the fact that most frummies hide their tvs inside of closets or in basements? (you know they all do! where else would u watch chassunah videos???)
truth is - if someone makes a choice not to watch tv or movies - i can respect that. but i'm not sure i want to be dragged into that kind of insular world.....


Child Ish Behavior said...

I think that the TV is the most important thing in terms of Hashkafa.

Jessica said...

Does "not wanting a tv" still mean the same thing it did 5 years ago? I don't want a tv and I have friends who don't want a tv. We don't want it because there's no point to it any longer. You can get all the shows online. Has nothing to do with hashkafa. My husband was easily convinced out of getting a tv for just this reason. If you have a computer with internet, a tv is a waste of money.

Maidel said...

excellent excellent point jessica!

in fact, i would argue that there is worse content to be found online than on tv!

Mikeinmidwood said...


Which is why some dont want internet either.