Tuesday, October 28, 2008

dating games

why does dating have to be so much of a game?

why can't a guy just tell a girl he likes her, then have her tell him she likes him - and presto! married!

why do we complicate everything with trying to read minds and hints and asking friends to help assess the situation? why does a situation have to be assessed?

a guy friend asked me if he should approach a girl in shul he thought was cute. at first i was like, "ya, for sure - be a man!". and then i thought about it - girls want guys to take initiative, but when they do, we often get freaked out. why is that? are we the ones who initiate the game? but of course, often the ball's in the guy's court.


EsPes said...

i hate dating

and boys are stupid
but then again, so are girls

Mikeinmidwood said...

"The ball is in the guys court"

Some dont think that way.

Maidel said...

and why dont u think that way?

Lion of Zion said...
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Lion of Zion said...

because the guys own the court. it is their game. the girls are much more desperate. (i don't mean that negatively, just that they will have harder time.)

Maidel said...

so do guys enjoy the game?

The Babysitter said...

I was actually just thinking about this recently, well sorta this, more of what Lion of Zion said. That the mitzvah is on the men's side to get married. But yet the girls are the ones that have to do all the work and make resumes and apply for interviews and stuff, and it just doesn't make sense.

Also, about the guys making initiatives, it depends what they say. If a guy says it in a correct way then it won't be spooky and scare the girl off. If he comments on a physical aspect of her then it becomes uncalled for and the girl won't appreciate it. Also, some guys give you weird vibes if they approach you. But if their normal then it shouldn't be a problem.

BaruchAttta said...

girls want guys to take initiative, but when they do, we often get freaked out. why is that?

By "freaked out" you mean "uncomfortable".
The reason is because the boy, by liking you, takes you out of your comfort zone. Now you must respond.

That's why.