Sunday, September 7, 2008

writing in bathrooms

so I was going about my usual business in the ladies' room at school...
and of course those little 'poems' or 'words of wisdom' kept me from being too bored...
(i didn't have my usual girls with me to chatter away with - i'm pretty sure only girls do that, right?)
just wondering...
who comes up with that stuff?
who can reach that far?? (when you're sitting down; these people must have super-long arms to scrawl on the door).
and who carries pens to the bathroom???


Lion of Zion said...

interesting. i didn't know girls bathrooms also have this type of graffiti. is it the same that appears in men's rooms?

Maidel said...

well, i certainly would not know the answer to that one...
i dont spend that much time in guy's bathrooms...
maybe you should ask a mikvah girl?

Lion of Zion said...

what's a mikvah girl doing in the men's room?

Jacob Da Jew said...

Ahem. Aint no poetry in the mens room. Just phone numbers saying "Call if...."

rebecca said...

The Sea


The Sea! the Sea! the open Sea!

The blue, the fresh, the ever free!

Without a mark, without a bound,

It runneth the earth's wide regions 'round;

It plays with the clouds; it mocks the skies;

Or like a cradled creature lies.

I'm on the Sea! I'm on the Sea!

I am where I would ever be;

With the blue above, and the blue below,

And silence wheresoe'er I go;

If a storm should come and awake the deep,

What matter? I shall ride and sleep.


I love (oh! how I love) to ride

On the fierce foaming bursting tide,

When every mad wave drowns the moon,

Or whistles aloft his tempest tune,

And tells how goes the world below,

And why the south-west blasts do blow.

I never was on the dull tame shore

but I lov'd the great Sea more and more,

And backwards flew to her billowy breast,

Like a bird that seeketh its mother's nest;

And mother she was, and is to me;

For I was born on the open Sea!

~~~by aoc powerlevewling