Sunday, September 28, 2008


Our Shabbos table discussion this week was about Idolatry. Someone mentioned learning that at the time of the second Beis Hamikdash, the rabbis prayed to Hashem to remove the urge to worship idols from the Jew's yetzer harah. (see here for more info: )
Somehow, that led to a discussion on what has replaced this urge to worship idols in our society today. What do we "worship" today that could be likened to idolatry?
One of our guests had a really interesting response - he said that today, people are concerned with one thing - THEMSELVES.
Being vain or self-absorbed is similar to idol worship, because in both cases, you are ignoring Hashem. Being vain means your needs are considered first. You choose whether or not to uphold certain halachot based on whether you feel that it is convenient to keep it. You choose to daven or learn based on your schedule or mood.
We've even taken the word 'G-d' out of our vocabulary. We rarely hear the word mentioned on TV or in newspapers anymore.
What about you? How often do you talk about G-d with your non-Jewish or even Jewish co-workers? How often do you refer to G-d when you speak? Do you say 'Thank G-d', 'G-d willing' or 'G-d forbid'? Do you mean it when you say it?
sorry for the serious. more fun to come :)


The Babysitter said...

Very true, great post!

Anonymous said...

Actually, i clearly remember learning in navi that the urge to serve avoda zara was replaced with the urge to speak lashon hara....