Saturday, September 27, 2008

does this dress come with sleeves?


Can you believe it's made out of toilet paper?

It was designed by Joeffer Caoc for the 2008 White Cashmere Collection for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

(thank you to one of my canadian besties for sending it over)


eety01 said...

wowww thats amazing. absolutely gorgeous

The Babysitter said...

that is really cool!
I'm sure the sleeves wouldn't be too hard to add considering what it's made out of.

frum single female said...

ive actually seen people wear a long sleeved shirt under a strapless gown.... but not a under a wedding gown.

eety01 said...

uch i hate that look

LindseyN said...

How amazing is this dress!? I actually work for the public relations agency Strategic Objectives who put on the event and the dresses took my breath away! I'm glad you like this dress. It's actually designed by Thien Le and is even more stunning in person!

Maidel said...

Lindsey, if you really do work for them - then Kol Hakavod! Awesome show!