Sunday, September 21, 2008

so I should be at slichos....

I know I should be at slichos right now, but I had a really weird dream during my usual Shabbos nap and now I still feel so exhausted.
I know, I know, its almost Rosh Hashanah, and I have a lot to say "slicha" over. So how come I'm not at Shul?
For some reason, I was raised believing that going to shul and davening were more part of a man's job. It kinda is, when you're ortho - isn't that the reason that rabbis and chazans and more importantly, shul presidents, are male? My mother goes to shul each Shabbos and even davens a little, but for some reason, I always saw davening as something my father has to do before work.
I know that there are different opinions about a woman's obligation to daven. So maybe I shouldn't feel too bad that I'm watching tv on surfthechannel rather than asking G-d for forgiveness?


The Babysitter said...

I also didn't go to shul for Slichos, I thought only the men say that. I remember going to shul for Aicha, but I don't remember ever going for Slichos.

It's more of a men thing because it's a time bound mitzvah. But I think ideally woman are supposed to daven too, at least a little something once a day.