Tuesday, August 26, 2008

eating food with boys

Hope you read the last post. Then you'd know about the wedding I went to last night.
(btw - Mazel tov Allison & Yitzy!)
And like everything that gets me thinking...
What's with separate seating at frummy functions?
Is my chewing a turn-on?
Or maybe it's not?
Maybe frum Jewish mommies are actually trying to protect girls without table manners (my etiquette skills are flawless, just in case you are wondering).
Or maybe they're trying to protect the guys?
(seriously boys, some of you need a copy of Emily Post BAD: http://www.amazon.com/Emily-Posts-Etiquette-Thumb-Indexed/dp/0066209579 )
I know they can't watch us dance and all, but would a little chatter hurt?
How else is a an-girls' school gal supposed to learn how to flirt?


Tanya said...

It's not about the food, the "rule" is to try to have seperate seating whenever an event calls for wine to be served, such as a wedding. Whether or not wine is actually served does not ke a difference.

Anonymous said...

In my community, EVERY event is seperate seating - possibility of wine being served or not. The idea is that the sexes should not mingle socially. Imagine the pritzus. People shouldn't be engaging in polite dinner conversation with members of the opposite sex unless they are spouse or family.

And you don't need to hone your flirting skills. Hotel lobby dates do not require flirting.

Seriously, people think this way.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather was honored by Torah V' Daas in the 70s and guyss what? mixed seating at the dinner (with the roshie yeshiva there), I have pictures to prove it. The mix seating craze is yet another invention of the last 20 years to try and out machmir ourselves.