Tuesday, August 26, 2008

awkward hugs

So I was at this wedding last night and while I'm a good friend of the bride, I've only known the groom since they started dating about three years ago.
They're both MO and had a really fun MO wedding - mixed seating, separate dancing until it was just the friends left in the hall and then everyone went crazy together dancing the Cha Cha Slide! (which reminds me.... I have to go learn those moves after this.... maybe you want to join? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nbMLOr0tHU)
I was never really sure exactly how frum the groom was (it's pretty hard to tell where an MO stands on anything truth be told!).
So I go up to the groom to wish him mazel tov and I was like "hey, can i give you a hug mazel tov".
This is where it gets awkward.
He goes "oh, I thought you were Shomer".
I go "oh, I thought you were Shomer".
Guess not.
We didn't end up hugging.


The Babysitter said...

If you both weren't shomer, then how come you didn't hug?

Maidel said...

because it was awkward!

and I don't know if I'm NOT shomer.... I'm just cool with hugging grooms! (maybe I'm sub-conciously trying to make them jealous about what they missed out on....)

eety01 said...


i would think its weirder to hug a married guy!