Thursday, July 31, 2008

are jewish girls hard to approach?

JW commented that frum girls are "ridiculously hard to ask out". Is that really true?
I'll admit that it must be kind of intimidating to approach a girl when she's surrounded by her posse (and jewish girls always have a posse). But it's hard to approach any group of people when you're alone, never mind when the goal is to start a meaningful convo with someone you've been eyeing.
But since when is a frum Jewish girl harder to approach than anyone else? Maybe it's just because you guys psych yourself out!
I wish more frum Jewish guys had more guts... why is it that the only cuties who approach me are never the ones I can take home?


Lion of Zion said...

perhaps they don't approach you because its not the erlich thing for a frum boy to do.

you expect him to ask you out directly, bypass the traditional jewish bureaucratic/scripted courting route and not go through ten levels of intermediaries?

seriously, what were you thinking when you wrote this?