Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Worth a listen - Tomer Yosef

Wish I had found out about these guys a long time ago!

Tomer Yosef is rap/rock/reggae/whoever heard of that combo??? It sounds strange, but somehow it works really well. Can you tell I have eclectic taste? But seriously, they are worth a listen!

Here's their Myspace link: www.myspace.com/tomeryf
My FAVE song is "LITTLE MAN"

Their latest song "עברתי רק כדי לראות" is fresh off the Israel Charts and hasn't made it to their MySpace yet, so click here to listen to it: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2jUSlOzjUtY


Anonymous said...

I just came back from Israel and I bought a Tomer Yosef CD in Tel Aviv. I told the music store guy what kinds of music I like in the U.S. and he recommened it. I can't stop listening to it - I also wish I would have dicovered it a long time ago!

Tiona! said...

Can you do me a huge favor and post the lyrics to Little Man? l've been looking and l can't find them anywhere. You can email me msveganvollkommen@hotmail.com

Maidel said...

Here comes
They called him for a
Here comes
Looked like
he had no choice
Here comes
next prime minister
And who do
you think you are
So what
Every body is opening a
What happened
number one in the first row
U get a clear view and
a good taste
But I don’t see
I’m a little man in my own
A king of my own
So it doesn’t matter
You tried and nothing happened
It doesn’t matter
You don’t
drink the full cup
If the drop is
Showing that you are
addicted to your self
And who
asked you, any way
We’ll put a different one
in your spot
No choice
We’ll be
here to shape the next
No choice
Look what
have you became
Speak lauder, we
can’t hear you

Tiona! said...

thank you so much!!