Tuesday, June 24, 2008

war and peace

A Canadian friend of mine sent me this article that you should definitely read: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=605480
I've read other articles about the US Marine Robert Crutchfield who was killed on the streets of Cleveland while on leave from Iraq, but the article above is written so much more eloquently.
It makes you think about how there are some things you cannot escape.
Every time I board a plane for Israel I can't help but feel some knots in my stomach. As comfortable as I've become riding buses in Jerusalem, I doubt I will ever cease my habit of profiling each passenger getting on. My fears are not just reserved for the Holy Land. Even in my home town, I can't help but make sure my car doors are locked when I'm stopped at a red light in certain neighbourhoods.
But the truth is, my fears are just fears. Anything can happen, whenever, wherever, to whomever. Who would have thought the Marine would be more safe in Iraq than at home?
I mentioned the article at work, and one of my co-workers said that she believes in destiny, that everything is predestined and that you can't change your future. I told her I did believe in destiny to an extent, but that I believed it was possible to change your fate. I wish I had known how to better explain the concepts of Mitzvot and Tshuva to her. These concepts seem so foreign in secular society. What examples do they have of people who have changed their destiny by becoming better individuals? It is thanks to Hashem for giving us the ability to do Mitzvot and Tshuva.


davey said...


good post. question for you: would you ever consider living in israel?

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see new post!