Tuesday, May 27, 2008

shout out to my facebook friends

My Facebook inbox has been pretty flooded lately with people asking me who I am, how they know me, where I'm from....
So here's my response: YOU DONT KNOW ME (yet!)
If you got my request asking you to be my friend, feel free to either accept or decline. No pressure.
Don't worry I'm not stalking you! (yes, one cute boy asked me if I was - and I told him that the truth is, I don't stalk guys I don't know - Brad Pitt being the sole exception)
If you really want to know.... my name is actually................Material Maidel (I should probably sue my parents for being teased in kindergarten)
Ok, here are some facts I will divulge - I am single, I am frum, I am Modern Orthodox, I am in my early twenties, I am American, I am not from NY, I like hot pink and I wish I looked like Barbie (minus the Nip/Tuck).
As to the rest, I guess you'll either have to piece that together yourself by reading my posts, or just be satisfied knowing that the Material Maidel is one cute chick.