Sunday, May 18, 2008

A frum girl on survivor?

This guy I know (not Jewish) when to some open calls recently for a new reality show. Naturally, this got me thinking - why don't I apply for a reality show!
Then I started thinking about the kinds of shows I would actually be eligible for.
The Bachelor - Nope, not unless the guy was Jewish. And even then, would a shomer negiah show make ratings?
Big Brother - Nope, no way that I could be filmed and wear a mike on Shabbos without breaking at least 613 mitzvos.
Survivor - Nope. I can't wear bikinis, I can't eat rats, and as a frum jewish girl, I can't go without showers and makeup for longer than 3 days.
The Real World - the ultimate chilul hashem.
Americas Next Top Model - Nope, unless there was a Jewish edition where 5'4 was the height limit.
American Idol - Nope, as if I could even sing on tune, and plus there's that whole Kol Isha thing.
Project runway - only if I could bring my asian dressmaker with me.


hesh said...

There is a very interesting book called Never Mind the Goldbergs by Matthue Roth

Its about a frum girl who gets a part in a TV show its very funny and interesting- its fiction- but still good.

Alex said...

I dont have the same problem as you meidele... i just HATE TV. i got invited a couple of times to TV shows because of the work i do, and i always send someone else. for me the worst shows are big brother, top model and reality TV. they are as unreal as they get! if you do get on a show let me know!!!! will be the only show i watch!