Friday, May 16, 2008

can i make an omer exception for SATC?

I dont know what your traditions are, but in my family, we keep the 'mourning' part of the sefirah all the way through until Shavuos. The boys in the family will get haircuts on Lag B'Omer, but once day 34 (or is it really 35) comes around, it's back to mourning.
We also hold by the 'no movies, no outdoor concerts, no theatre' rule during this period. It kinda really sucks. I've even have to listen to talk radio in the car. It's bad.
And although every year I am reminded just how sucky it is that I can't go out to the same places as my non-mourning friends, this year is extra-sucky.
It's all because of SATC.
If you don't know what SATC stands for, have you been living under a rock/Lakewood for the past ten years???
I'm talking about Sex and the City (which I hope even you Lakewooders secretly watch on your secret TVs/computers).
Yup, the movie is coming out this month!!! As a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw myself (maybe without the ugly), I have been looking forward to the release of the movie since Season 1!
But why, oh why must they release the most anticipated movie EVER (by girls who aren't into Star Wars) during the exact time of the year when I will not be able to see it??
Is someone in production out to get me? Is Hashem trying to be funny? Is SATC assur? (see post below)
Now comes the internal debate => do I NOT hit the theatre until after Shavuos? (theatres will be a lot less packed, but I could also risk hearing spoilers) OR do I decide to change traditions and tell myself that I now only mourn until Lag B'Omer? (possible aveirah, but who hasn't faked being a sephardi in order to cut back on the hours between milk and meat at one point?)
I'll let you know what happens.... Any thoughts?


The Babysitter said...

Maidel: its a Nisayon, I understand it can be hard. That's also usually when these concerts come on tour, and all the Jewish guys who are huge fans cave in and go to the concert.

There's a bunch of ways of looking at it.
1- to take it as a sign that you shouldn't see it, either at all, or at that time. Could be Hashgacha Pratis.
2- Once you take on a minhag you have to keep to it, unless you never planned to have taken it upon yourself. Like with OUD, if someone takes it upon themselve then they have to stick with it, but if they just say the reason their not eating OUD is because there's other cholov yisroel stuff for them to eat, then they never took it upon themselve and can eat OUD. Here I think it was taken upon yourself so you can't go back.
3- I actually was never sure if it applied to movies, because I always hear you can't listen to music. But I never hear you can't go to movies/watch movies, I guess they assume by my community that no one would think of going to the movies/watching movies.
4- This was the first year I ever listened to music during the omer, but it was an exception because of school. I have a music class and its inevitable that I hear music. So then once I'm listening to music already for school it doesn't feel the same as it used to, it looses a spiritual feeling to the whole thing. Kinda like when I had to eat on a fast day because I got a wisdom tooth pulled out. Even though its ok and there's an exception it makes me feel a little guilty still that I shouldn't.