Wednesday, December 23, 2009

girls are prettier than boys

I get this email from some new blogger saying he just mentioned me in his second post (wow, maybe I was his inspiration). He then says that it's "not in a positive way".

Sh$t - I thought I'd find some serious mm-bashing over at his site (btw dude, if you're looking to get traffic, maybe this isn't the best way to get another writer to help you out). The post wasn't as horrendous as I thought - it was actually more about how Shadchans and girls are decieving in the adjectives they choose to describe potentials (as in, saying a girl is a model when she's really a plain jane).

I hate when guys ask if the girl I'm setting them up with is pretty - it's so subjective. If you hate someone, they'll always be ugly to you. And girls and guys often have different views about what is attractive. I can't count the number of times a guy friend would point out a 'hot' chick who I thought was a serious 'not'.  

That blogger mentioned me because apparently I describe all my friends as gorgeous. Which is true. I do think all my friends are beautiful.

I was at a friend's houseparty recently and one of my besties, (the gorgeous) Shulamis, commented that the girls there were way better looking than the guys. (lol, can you imagine if a guy said this about people of his own gender?) I think this is true in general. Maybe human female DNA is set up that way - kind of like a reverse male peacock thing. Maybe it's because girls typically spend more time on personal appearance. Maybe it's because we have more beauty tools at our disposal than men do. A girl can put on a little mascara, some blush and gloss and she looks amazing. Guys can.... shave?


Jacob Da Jew said...

Link to new dude please? Email me if u dont want to leave it in teh comments.

Off the Derech said...


Data said...

What about metrosexuals?

Mean should tackled skincare. Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, blemish treatments.

Then there's wardrobe. No polyester, gentlemen.

Moshe said...

You girls can keep your looks, I like being able to put on jeans and t-shirt to go outside. Then again, I don't give a rat's ass about what people think.

Mr. Shidduch said...

“girls are prettier than boys” – I would hope so. Never really heard of a boy being described as “pretty” nor do I think one would want that title.
A majority of the boys you see who “don’t look good” probably look that way due to a lack of grooming and wardrobe. Honestly most guys don’t give a damn how they look, don’t shop and don’t groom.
And no, with just a little blush and mascara girls do not instantly look “amazing”. My point exactly - guilty of abusing these adjectives yet again.