Wednesday, November 11, 2009

are these people jewish?

I wish I was better at Photoshop. Maybe you've never seen these people? Have you never watched TLC?

Like a lot of people, my mother is addicted to The Learning Channel. When A Baby Story is on, she says "see what I went through for you". When Say Yes To The Dress is on, she says "when will I finally get to take you to Kleinfelds?". When Jon and Kate Plus 8 is on, she says to my dad "aren't you lucky I don't yell like she does?".

Recently we were watching an episode of 18 and Counting, when she says "don't those girls look like they're Lubavitch?". Gotta admit, with their long hair and long jean skirts, they do kinda look like Chabad girls, circa 1993.

There are other similarities between the Duggar clan and your average frum family:

  • They rarely watch TV, use the internet or listen to the radio.
  • Modesty is a very important trait - knees and collarbones are always covered. Girls wear dresses or skirts.
  • No swearing or profanity.
  • Lots of Bible-time.
  • Grace before meals.
  • Tons of kids.


can't wait to see the end said...

b'h she's had a few since then... time for an update, think she's pregnant too... only jews should learn from their financial planning-even before the show they'd saved for years and built a gorgeous home, with cash to spare.

Data said...

They paid for their house in CASH, and they shop at yard sales for the kids clothing. It costs $3,000 a month just for food.

Er, the average frum family rarely watches tv, goes on the internet, or listens to the radio? Really?

Anonymous said...

Nah, they don't really look Jewish, they kinda look Mormon to me.

nameless, faceless said...

Welcome to every single Christian family I grew up with -- isn't it gross?

Single on the Scene said...

isn't this the fam. who has all there kids names starting with the letter J, and have bible names, and even perhaps double names, like jon james?

Maidel said...

Can't wait - she's got number 19 in the oven! they have to change the name of the show every year! they actually literally built the home themselves, kids too. it's pretty incredible.

Data - it's true - they buy all their clothing used. Lol and maybe not the 'average' frum family, but def the 'role model' lakewood type.

Nameless - how many kids in your family?

SOS (like your new nickname?)- they have names like Josiah and Jeremiah.

One more way they're almost frum:
- no kissing before marriage (you have to see the episode where their son proposes to his gf... he gets excited that he can finally hold her hand)

Maidel said...

they're actually baptists!