Monday, October 19, 2009

the serial engager

A friend of mine is engaged.
I usually end sentences like that with an exclamation mark.
I really would like to in this case.
But I'm just not sure that this situation merits that type of punctuation.
Thank the Good L-rd that she's one of the few who does not read MM.
Because I really don't think she'd want to read what I'm about to write.

Here's the thing -
She's engaged to a Serial Engager.
I know him from around town, my hometown. I've never actually had a convo with him. He once asked to be set up with me. I firmly declined that offer. There was no way I was going to be Fiance #5 on his list.
That's right - he's been engaged before.
About three or four times - that I know of.

How does he do it? At first glance, he is definitely not what you would expect of a Serial Engager.
He's not exactly attractive, somewhat short, somewhat balding, somewhat scrawny.
I know what you're thinking - but no, he's not rich.
Really a nothing-special guy.
Personality-wise, from what I hear, he's about a 4, no scratch that - a 2.

So how has he managed to get all these chicks to fall for him - or should I say 'stumble' because he hasn't actually managed to get any of them under the Chuppah - yet.
I know one or two of his fiances. These aren't homely dumb-ass girls who are desperate to get married.
Or are they?


Data said...

Looks aren't everything, cookie.

Only a good-looking guy is permitted to be a serial engager? Meaning only a Brad Pitt in the punim can periodically break up with a girl? I'm sure all the McDreamys out there are hurt.

No matter how dreamy he is, a guy who smashes girl's hearts on a regular basis is a qualified jack***.

What this must be doing to his mother.

Anonymous said...

Possibility #1.

He has certain medical issues, which he discloses later on when they are engaged... The other side is allowed to back out but the engagement but don't really let out the reason why.

N said...

if you knew the guy, why weent you asked for info?

Maidel said...

Data - i said he's not rich either...

Anon - very possible. I hope its not true.

N - i don't know the guy well enough to be asked info on him.