Thursday, October 8, 2009

please don't stalk MM

Despite the in-yo-face hot pink theme here, MM seems to attract more than her share of male fans and admirers. In fact, most MM fans are SWM's (that's Single White Male for those of you have never laughed over the Dating Classifieds).
It's very flattering.
But then, what guy wouldn't want to get with a girl who looks like a Barbie doll (and has an awesome personality)?
MM often gets requests for personal info.
But MM likes her privacy.
Not saying that no one knows who the real MM is...
But if you act like an a$$hole, chances are, you'll never get to find out.

PS - you may think you know, but you have no idea...
PPS - and if you do find out, you'll find that the real MM can be a real b$tch.


Data said...

Er, is third person the new trend?

Moshe said...

Multiple personality disorder?

J said...

Haha, amazing... so for the longest time I thought MM was someone I knew... She posts links from people I know and people from my home town. Not to mention just after I had started a blog which I had put on facebook - she somehow added it to her favorites.. anyways after 1 short (and very awkward) gchat conversation with MM it became apparent I didn't know her, nor she I..

It was kind of a let down, a great mystery gone bust. Anyhow I got bored and forgot about it..

I wouldn't classify that stalking.. and it was like 2-5 months ago.. So I am guessing it's not me...

Anyhow I wonder what or who she is talking about... (and you would think it would be flattering with such a shortage of boys in NY)..

Anonymous said...

Hey -

I know the feeling. I often hear from friends that their dates bragged about knowing who Bad4 is... and then describing someone else completely.
Tis the price of fame, etc.

But you really can't look like a Barbie. It's physiologically impossible.

Lost And Not Yet Found said...

MM likes talking in 3rd person.. :)

Maidel said...

I would love to tell you the specifics of this and other similar incidents, but for the sake of privacy of all parties involved, that's all you're getting.
J - I think I remember that convo but I don't remember it being awkward. Like bad4 said, sometimes people think we're someone were not.