Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i'm scared of lesbians

Ok. Maybe not scared.

Actually, scratch that. I'm majorly frightened.

Lesbians are like girls who can beat you up.

I'm totally generalizing here. For every Rosie O'Donnell there is a Portia de Rossi.

But the Rosies are the ones you can spot from a subway car away.

And just the other day I was on a subway with four Rosie-types. Girls with short male haircuts, blue polo shirts, baggy jeans and flat chests. Flat because they probably bandage their goods down to look like the opposite sex (I'm not discriminating against my biologically A-cup sistahs)

Why do they try so hard to look like something they're not?

Ok - you can probably ask that same question of pageant girls or New Jersey housewives who go under the knife. But at least those women are actually trying to make themselves MORE attractive - not LESS! Do lesbians actually get turned on by the 'boy' thing? Why don't they just date the real thing?

My gay guy friends have told me that the whole 'biatchy gay diva' thing is really an act. So in turn, isn't the whole 'butch' thing fake too?

I'll prob get a lot of hate mail for this post. But maybe I'm just saying what you've already thunk.


Jessica said...

I had a lesbian threaten to beat me up one time. Well, this was in high school so she hadn't come out yet. Now we're Facebook friends.

Anonymous said...

im scared too. There was a girl a few years older than me who was at one point my bnos leader. she was always touchy feely and wanted hugs and to hold hands... she showed up in town one weekend with really butch hair and clothing. there were rumors that she might be gay....
she facebooked me one day and i discovered that she is no longer a she, but a he. i think its safe to say ive been traumatized.

Lubab No More said...


You should check out episode 116 of the Savage Love Podcast. It is a podcast by sex advice columnist Dan Savage.

Clicking here might launch an MP3 of the episode

Skip to 23 minutes and 50 seconds into the program where Dan Savage has calls from lesbians who respond to your question about "why look like a man".


Dont' say I didn't warn you.

Anonymous said...

You used to stand out from the pack, Maidel, with original observations. Now you sound like every other frum Jew.....well, almost every other frum Jew....It's sad.

Moshe said...

I like. How much?

Maidel said...

lubab - my work comp won't let me open the link! oh well.

Anon #2 - how I hate to disappoint the Anonymi (it's prob not a word, but then Anon is actually an adjective). Not sure how this is a 'frum' issue. Ask me what I think about gay marriage - or maybe I'll just post about that.

Anonymous said...

you know out lesbians in the frum world? or do you just suspect them to be gay...?

Anonymous said...

and you have gay male friends? in frumworld?

SuperRaizy said...

When I was in law school, there was this girl who kept inviting me to go out with her for drinks, dinner, etc. In my innocence, I thought that she wanted to be friends. When I got engaged, she seemed shocked, glared at me, and never spoke to me again. I didn't understand why until one of my Jewish friends told me (while laughing his ass off) that the girl "is a major lesbian and has been hitting on you for months". It took me a few days to realize that she must have thought that I was a lesbian, too. I was totally insulted.

Moshe said...

You must, MUST write a post about that!

Jessica said...

Anon on 6/11 at 7:03 - Are you living in some mythical fairy land where everyone loves everyone just the way they are? Homophobia is not just a frum thing.

Ariella said...

As a drag king, We don't bandage them down, It is far too dangerous, cuts off circulation. We get Gynecomastia vests. Some girls really do dig the butch thing. What, you think all lesbians should be alike? I'll bet seeing some folks who are truly out of the gender binary would blow your mind.

Anonymous said...

No, lesbians arn't always like this. There are different types and just like any other group of people, don't go off the 'butch' or 'short-haired vegetarian' stereotypes to identify whether or not a girl is a lesbian or not. Lesbians are normal (ignore the sexuality plz) females just like any other girls reading this. There are fashionable lesbians, ones that act like the 'cool girls' and any girl can be a lesbian. Your best friend could even be one if you know the signs!

'Lesbians are like girls who can beat you up.'
No they're not. Lesbians don't go around beating straight girls up without a reason (unless they're scared of straight girls)

'Why do they try so hard to look like something they're not?'
They're not trying hard. Butch lesbians represent the male in a lesbian relationship, so 'wife' lesbains (look that up, its another type) are attracted a male-like figure.

'Why don't they just date the real thing?'

Im sorry, but this is an extemly stupid question and I would have thought it was obvious. Lesbians are women born with a sexual attraction to other women. They cannot change that, just as you couldn't magically turn into a lesbian if you wanted too, lesbians can't magically turn straight. No amount of time with the opposite sex, with straight girls, or anything else can change that! I personally think that question is very stupid, childish and insulting. (Unless you don't fully understand lesbianism, then you have an excuse.)

Maidel said...

hey Anonymous, (love the name, so original)

"I'm totally generalizing here. For every Rosie O'Donnell there is a Portia de Rossi."

This post was not about the Portias...

Sexual preferences aside... I still don't understand the need to 'dress up like a man'. How can you not be attracted to men and yet still want something that looks like a guy?