Friday, May 15, 2009

for the marrieds

This is both genius and hysterical.

A website that basically tells you.... well... when to have sex.



Anonymous said...

It looks really cool, and easy!!!

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Web 2.0 baby!

Anonymous said...

Why on earth is that hysterical? Maybe you don't realize that part of taharas hamishpacha actually involves various calculations and certain days that a husband and wife need to separate.

Marred couples need to keep calendars with the various dates marked down. This website might be useful to some people since its on the computer and probably helps figure out the calculations.

I generally like to read MM but posts like this really disappoint me.

Maidel said...

oh stop being so sensitive.

the funny part is how EVERYTHING is on the web these days.

Moshe said...

Duh, do you really want to bother doing it on paper. Especially if your periods are irregular.

Pinny said...

Actually, that site (and the calendar part of Taharas Hamishpacha, in general) would be better described as one "that basically tells you.... well... when [*NOT*] to have sex."

And FYI it is FAR from the first site to have this functionality.

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