Monday, April 6, 2009

the shadchan from H-E-double hockey sticks

The other night, my friend Liat gets a call from this random woman who says she's a Shadchan. Apparently the Shadchan got Liat's info from some mothers' shidduch group (what can I say - her mom is Jewish). And she has the perfect boy for Liat.

Except...he's not so perfect. He's been recycled. Turns out he's been passed around almost everyone on her facebook friends list.

Now, if you read this article, you know that I do believe in helping the environment. I don't really think there's anything wrong with dating someone your friend has already gone out with (at least provided that they didn't get too serious - if their pic together is still up on OnlySimchas, then you probably shouldn't go there). If the girl or guy is just someone your friend went on a first date with, then Eco-Friendly Dating is the way to go.

But in Liat's case, the guy being recycled is just a little on the nebby side. Ok - he's a total weirdo. And Liat is a cool, cute girl. (and Boys - still single!)

So naturally, when the Shadchan called that night offering this AMAZING boy to my beautiful friend, Liat turned her down flat.

At first, the Shadchan seemed all nice and sweet, making it sound like helping poor singles was her mitzvah mission of the moment. But then once Liat said NO (and when pressed, said that she'd heard that he was a little 'awkward'), Mrs. Nice&Sweet became Mrs. H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

'You're making a big mistake', 'This boy is a prize', 'You're passing over your beshert', 'You'll never get married now'.

Makes you wonder if this 'Shadchan' was really his mom....


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Interesting, so here the Shadchan is trying to sell the boy. That's a change.

Makes you wonder what motivates people. I would like to think she sincerely saw the boy as a good one. But that's probably not the case, cause if she held the boy so highly then she wouldn't degrade him and push him onto the girl.

But then again sometimes people have intuition about these things. My best friend got married to a guy who was suggested by a co-worker. The first time the co-worker suggested the guy, she said no. Then the co-worker asked her again a little later, and she decided to go out, and then she got engaged to him. He was the only guy she ever went out with. So in this case the co-worker was right in "pushing" it.

mother in israel said...

Forget cool. Nerds make good husbands.

EsPes said...

ahhh once a lady who set me up with a guy seemed as tho she was taking it PERSONALLY that i said no to him. sheesh

Jessica said...

I second what Mother In Israel said.

Lion of Zion said...

coolness is like looks. after a certain point its all downhill anyway.