Monday, February 16, 2009

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As most frum girls know, finding clothes that are tznius is not that easy. Finding clothes that are tznius and are also in my size, in the right color, in my price range is next to impossible.
Ok, im exaggerating. I obviously have a nice wardrobe, but shopping is not as pleasant as it used to be in my pre-skirt days.
Back then, almost any cute top would make it to my closet - everything looks good with a nice pair of jeans. Shopaholic was my story. (I remember reading the book, and feeling like someone out there finally gets me)
Seriously. I go into a mall, all hopeful that I'll find the perfect dress to wear to my cousin's l'chaim. And then 2 hours later, I'm begging my friend to go for pizza.
Maybe I just haven't learned how to be creatively tznius (you know, like those girls who pull off wearing t-shirts with their linda leals).
I continue to watch What Not To Wear in the hopes that one day, Stacy and Clint will give 5 Grand to a fellow frummy. Maybe there's an episode I missed?
Anyhoo - I randomly found an ad today on OnlySimchas (where else do you get dress ideas?) for Tabeez. They've got 'trend-setting modest apparel'. And it's not the kind of woman's wear you find in Boro Park. Instead, you can find clothes that have real designer labels, are pretty affordable, look gorgeous and still cover your parts. Happy Shopping!


NotaGeek! said...

Their mailing address is in Lakewood, NJ.
So you have a Lakewood hecsher too..

Anonymous said...

OMG whenever we go to my grandmother's house i always watch What Not to Wear!! totally my favorite show!!!

Stacy said...

Nobody can pull off the tshirt under a macys prom dress it's so tacky, If I had to I'd wear a cardigan or sweater over it instead. And it's a little pricey but I love my Phillip Lim dresses they're so cute and have enough in the sleeve and knee department.

Moshe said...

Wife buys stuff in Syms and if it's not tznius enough, takes it to a local place to get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

Tabeez has beautiful things, but I hardly would call them affordable!

Esther said...

Sorry but Tabeez is not a store a bas ysroel should be getting clothing from. not because they're not modest but because the people who own the store are not modest.

Anonymous said...

I ordered some items from them after seeing this posting. The customer service has been simply terrible. Rude and unhelpful would be putting it mildy. They behave as if they are doing the customer a favor by selling to them. I will never ever buy from them again.

Chavi said...

I don't agree with 'Anonymous' at all. I shop at Tabeez in Lakewood quite frequently and my experiences have always been good. And my sister in Chicago shops online all the time and she told me that she was very impressed with their selection
and customer service.

Anonymous said...

To comment on the owner of a store that she is not modest is pure loshon horah, no matter if it's true or false. Instead of judging others, you should look to yourself.