Wednesday, February 4, 2009

is there such thing as a shomer poke?

I remember this guy telling me once that a facebook poke is the online version of a booty call.
For real.
No joke.
I really hope this person was either delusional or just trying to get a frum girl to blush. (I was definitely an MM shade of pink)
I'm not much of a poker myself. I only poke when I've been poked first.
The fact that most, well all, pokes I get from are guys has escaped me - until now.
So if that guy was right - is there such thing as a shomer poke?


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I think a poke is whatever you want to make of it. Back before they had the way to see if a person is online, a poke would be used to know if their online. I would poke once when I come on facebook, and then once when I went off. It's always the same people that are poking, there's actually an app of poke stats. Most are from guys, but I don't think anything of it. Actually there's a guy and girl that are really close with each other, and the guy poked me 158 times, and the girl 132 times. That hasn't been updated in a long time.

EsPes said...

i think it depends on ur relationship with the person... poking can be "sexual" or it can be "hey whats up"

Moshe said...

That's why there are apps offering more than just the standard "poke".

Implodium said...

I'm sure two people out there cleverly use poke to solicit booty calls with each other.. or a select group of people established that poke would be their booty call signal... clever idea...

However I think it is safe to say most people who poke do it simply to get ones attention and not much more.

I don't even know where poke is these days, what with the new facebook facelift we got several months ago.