Sunday, February 1, 2009

cheater cheater cheater

Child Ish Behavior of Not Just Typical just sent me this link to an article about Cheating on the Web.
I gotta say, it's pretty disturbing. I've heard about sites such as, which is like the married man's version of Frumster (well whatever the non-Jewish equivalent is! why would i know about those sites?).
Ok, I have a confession to make....

I was once on AshleyMadison.

You're probably thinking "I know Maidel is Materialistic, but I never thought she was a gold digger".
Well, while I probably would not date you if you were homeless (or jobless, or unable to provide me with a cushion cut 5 carat), I don't think I'm exactly the definition of a gold digger.
My reason for being on AshleyMadison was a lot different than most girls' - I was on there to save men.
I know - how altruistic, right!
I learned about the site a few years back from one of those 60 Minutes exposés about men who use the internet to cheat.
And like most normal people, I was shocked and appalled and felt so sorry for the wives of these men. And just a little bit curious. (my journalism training always gets the best of me)
So I registered on the site - easier than getting a Gmail account in those days - and started chatting with one of the guys on the site. (interesting that only men had to pay to become members!)
At first, I started asking this guy (who by the way, even in his 50s was a pretty good looking man) all these basic chat questions. You know, where he lived, what he did for a living. I don't think he was interested in a basic chat, if ya know what I mean!
But I had to stick to my guns - and the real reason why I was on the site.
So then I started asking about his wife. He claimed that while he was still in love with her, she just didn't excite him anymore. They were never intimate. They were strangers living in the same house.
I tried to give him ideas about how he could try to renew the spark in their marriage, to let her know he cared (maybe that psych class I took got me motivated to play therapist).
I don't think he was so appreciative that he had paid the $15.99 per month (or whatever) to have someone tell him to get off the site.
But I tried!
And who knows...
maybe it worked!
I didn't stay on the site long enough to find out...
After that chat I kinda realized I was in dangerous territory....
You never know what kind of weirdos go online!


Child Ish Behavior said...

"I was on there to save men."

O sure. And I became a professional bikini inspector to save women from the indignity of being seen in something out of fashion.

Jacob Da Jew said...

lol@ CIB

"not a gold digger..unable to provide me with a cushion cut 5 carat"

Honeybuns, have u any idea how much a 5 carat ring costs? Yea, u need a sugar daddy for that one. Maybe that website isnt a bad idea...

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I've had similar situations. I've come across all kinds online. And cheating men was one of them, and this was on a Jewish site, it was very disturbing.

and I also one time thought I would "save" people, and play therapist, it was fun for a bit. But then I learned about lots of different problems that I wasn't ready to handle. It disturbed my view on marriage.

Moshe said...

It's not that expensive, it is cheaper than an apartment or a house. I'm sure if you agree to forgo the elaborate wedding and honeymoon you'll find someone who'd buy it for you...maybe...