Monday, February 9, 2009

the best date ever

I remember one of the best first dates I ever went on.
The guy took me to this really pretty and yummy restaurant, then to a gorgeous spot with a view, and then for drinks and this very romantic lounge. It was all so magical.
But it was with the wrong guy.
He just was soo not for me.
I remember how the thought of us being intimate made me want to puke as he drove me home that night.
But because it had been such a great night, I thought I should give him a chance and went on date #2.
Nope, still wanted to barf after that.
Has that ever happened to you before? You give someone a second chance even though your gut instinct is telling you not to? You have a great date with a not so great date?


Moshe said...

Shoulda tried beer goggles ;-)

frum single female said...

to me part of what makes a date a great date is that ive spent a few hours with someone i really like and there is a great evening itinerary.

miri said...

i dont care WHAT we do, as long as im with someone tolerable!

katrina said...

Yes, I have heard the conventional wisdom that you should always give the person a second date, just in case you change your mind. I think that this is a nice idea. In my experience, though, I have to admit that I have never connected with someone with whom I felt absolutely zero (physical) connection on the first date. I wish it were not so . . .