Friday, January 2, 2009

the importance of being edumacated

I was recently set up with this guy who happens to be a little bit more Yeshivish than me. To tell you the truth, I only went out with him because I was wondering why a Yeshivish guy would agree to date someone who wasn't. (Turns out he wanted to 'see if it could work' with me, despite the fact that I wear jean skirts. Does that make me a science project?) And because like I've said before, I secretly have a thing for guys with black hats.

So like any Litvish bachur, he never went to College. Although that's normally an important criteria for me in my quest to find a mate (let's be honest here - that's what we're all doing!), it's not necessarily a deal breaker. Don't get me wrong. I think education is extremely important. I would definitely prefer to 'spend my life' with someone who has achieved a similar level of education. Nevertheless, while it would be nice if a guy knew that the title of this post was a reference to an Oscar Wilde play, as long as a guy knows I'm not talking about the Wiener Dogs, it's cool.

I know that school isn't for everyone - some people, for whatever reason, have to take the work route in the 'Choose your own adventure' path that is life. A lot of people I know, my father included, have done prettty well without a bachelor's degree. (Richard Branson and Simon Cowell were high school dropouts. But then, so was Paris Hilton.)

Anyhow, back to the guy without an education - I think he had some sort of inferiority complex about his lack thereof (oops - lashon harah). He kept talking about how he was so much smarter than his friends who did go to college and how education is totally unimportant and irrelevant. That was the deal breaker. (my future kids, definitely not with this guy, are definitely going to college.)

He asked me if I was concerned about his lack of education. Maybe because I'm a really nice person and because I didn't want to shatter his fragile ego, I told him that I didn't mind. I'm really not good at breaking up with people.

So instead, I told him that my mother doesn't cover her hair and that I recently showed some skin at the beach. And got tipsy over New Year's. And that I watch Californication and Weeds. And that I would definitely need a TV in the house to watch these shows.

Date over.



EsPes said...

omg i think i dated that same guy!!!

frumskeptic said...

I love the way you ended that date!! hahaha :-)

I got set up with some guy who wasn't frum, but thought he was. He didn't keep shabbos or kosher, but he blamed his living arrangment (he lives with his parents who aren't frum). So I started talking frummer (emphasised weird things I'm strict about). I even yelled at him that he has a good enough job to just not live with his parents if that was what was stopping him from being actually frum.

And the bum called me back...B"H he left a voicemail, and when I didn't call back he got the hint.

NotaGeek! said...

Kinda unique way to end a date..

It's a personal choice to get an college education or not...But why ridicule it...

Anonymous said...

What a great way to end a not-so-successful date.

4 stars.

Schvach said...

But dawling, he has an education, it's just not a university education.
BTW, I have 3 university degrees, and I no nothing about 'Ernest'.

Maidel said...

schvach - you can be educated without a diploma - but this boy was clearly not!

The Babysitter said...

This is how it goes, I would prefer someone with a college education. SO when someone asks what I'm looking for that's what I say. But if something was suggested then I take another look at it and I see if I can do without the college part.

and lol, that was a funny ending. I did that too, sort of. With the guy who was talking too yeshivish for me. I told him really strange stuff about my family and that scared him off!