Thursday, December 18, 2008

where ya from?

I just got into this Google Analytics thing which tells you all the details about my visitors on here.

So apparently in the past month, I received 1,323 visits from 23 countries!

Pretty crazy!

I don't think I even know of 23 countries where they speak English!

I'll bet this list of countries will surprise you (unless you're from one of these places! -they're in order of number of visitors):

United States, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Australia, India, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand, Slovakia, Macedonia, Indonesia, Sweden, South Africa, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Switzerland and Italy


Rafi G said...

I am at least one of those coming from Israel....

Anonymous said...

You know which is me.

katrina said...

MM--don't be provincial. A lot of those countries don't have English as a first language, but they're so small people have to learn English to function in the world, which includes the internet. Who speaks Danish? Not me. Not you. Not very many people at all.
But I'm glad you got so many visitors!

Maidel said...

Provincial? That's a first for me! (do I seem like I'm from NY? kidddding)

I know that many people around the world speak English - but just because I understand Spanish does not mean I go perusing frum blogs written in that language.

Also, the fact that people other than my friends know about MM is still pretty cool to me - how does someone in England, much less Thailand know I exist!