Tuesday, December 16, 2008

wear this

Someone saw my post about exciting tznius-wear and asked me to mention some of his new products. He wanted a 'subtle' plug, but since when do I do subtle? And besides, unlike some of the other 'clothing' items on this page, I wouldn't mind being caught in this.

It's actually quite useful for a frum girl who's found the perfect gown for her best friend's wedding and needs to make it tznius without having to pay $250 for a dressmaker to ruin it. And unlike other tight tees, this one falls right under the bust line (I feel so grown up saying 'bust') - so no lines!

To find out where to get this shirt (which comes in a variety of colors and sizes) contact Mark at mark@migapparel.com


Anonymous said...

A great place for tznius fashion:

Jessica said...

these are pretty awesome

i have them in a few colors!