Friday, December 26, 2008

bh his bride isn't me

I was looking at the Weddings section over at OnlySimchas today. I'm actually pretty surprised how long the site has lasted! I usually get my engagement updates on Facebook these days. Anyhow, while I was stalking people I've never met, I recognized the name of a groom on the site.

He was the first guy I was ever set up with. I remember him being a really nice guy, but I wasn't too sure he was for me. We were set up at a time when I had recently become more religious (I always was frum, but I had just gotten back from Seminary). I remember being a lot less sure of who I was, who I wanted to be, where I stood on various subjects, including where I fit religiously. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that he really wanted to make Aliyah, and I just wasn't too sure that was going to be in my cards.

BH, it looks like he found someone who he really fits with. I know, I'm making that judgment off of a picture, but she looks like the type of girl someone like him should be with. Seeing their pictures makes me really happy for the two of them. It also makes me happy that I'm not in his wedding pictures.


Shorty said...

Facebook brought back a few old friends, including some ex boyfriends...there was one in particular who might have been the one, but for whatever reasons it wasn't meant to be...and now he is married and with a newborn daughter. It was wierd seeing the photos but at the same time i too felt happy of the life i have now...