Wednesday, November 12, 2008

mm has a playlist!

like the songs? want to suggest a few more?

let me know!




Anonymous said...

There's exactly five songs on there that I like.

But you have to change it so it doesnt start automatically. I clicked the usual bunch of blogs to open in tabs, and not realizing my speakers were on full, suddenly music starts blasting at me.

Jessica said...

That was a frightening experience. Completely agree with frumpunk. Switch it off of automatic play.
On my website (not on my blog) I have a whole section dedicated to mixtapes... though I have been neglecting it since the semester started -- but there is an archive with a few older mixes). -- click on the "Mixology" link at the bottom of the page.

Maidel said...

hahaha i think its funny - but ure right!

Maidel said...

only 5 songs frumpunk? then suggest some!

stam[azoid] said...
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