Wednesday, September 24, 2008

dating on a rollercoaster

So I recently went out with this guy. Let's just say he was NOT for me. (but he's still single if anyone is interested!) Here's a snippet of our conversation (let me know what you think):

Guy: So what do you like to do for fun?

MM: Oh, you know, the usual, go shopping, watch movies, hang out with friends. What about you?

Guy: I ride rollercoasters.

MM: That's interesting. I hate rollercoasters.

Guy: Really? I go to the amusement park every week.

MM: Every week?

Guy: Yup, I have a family season pass.

MM: Oh, you dont go with your friends?

Guy: Welllll, I haven't made many friends since I moved to this city.

MM: How long have you been here?

Guy: About two years.


Rafi G said...

he must be the life of the party!

Anonymous said...

i think i went out with this guy too.....

halfshared said...

Gosh lol...

The Babysitter said...

I notice that you asked questions on what he said, but he didn't ask any questions on what you said.

But that was funny. Interesting people out there.

Maidel said...

babysitter, if you're looking, maybe i could set you up....

(kidding ;) )