Wednesday, September 24, 2008

dating on the phone

can you tell i've been very busy today?

So, I spoke to this guy on the phone last night. Ever had that experience? Someone tries to set you up and asks if they can give some guy your number. They tell you, "just talk to him, see how it goes".

So you figure, why not, what have you got to lose. All you have to do is talk to some random stranger for a 1/2 hour - the only real commitment is that you have to remember to call him back when he leaves a voicemail.
Now, I'd like to think I'm a pretty good conversationalist. But when a guy's calling me, I like to let him lead the convo.
Actually, more often than not, he's basically performing a monologue, with me interrupting to say things like "uh huh, ya, that's funny, ok".
Then there are the guys who jump from topic to topic while you're trying to figure out exactly what on earth he is tring to say. Sometimes I'm pretty impressed when they refer to something they said 10 minutes earlier. I can barely remember the last thing I typed.
Or how about the guys with bad cellphone reception? After having told him that you still can't hear him at least 10 times, you just give up and say "ya I can hear you now" and then let him proceed with said monologue.
Then there are the dvar torah guys. The ones who think you'll be impressed with their shtarkness and want to tell you about the shiur they just went to. Dont they know Rabbi's speeches put people to sleep? (i thought that was a classic jewishism?)
What's probably worse are the guys who try to impress you with things they have or people they know. If you have to talk about it, you probably don't really have it in the first place. Soooo 'Nouveau Rich'.


eety01 said...

i LOVE ur blog!!! ur posts are so real and funny!
i cant believe i only found this now!

Maidel said...

thanks! lol ure cute!