Sunday, August 24, 2008

single women & mikvah - part I

I have my blackberry hooked up to Material Maidel so that whenever one of you write a comment, I get to read it within seconds. (seee, I really do read all of your comments!)
So I was pretty confused when Shiffy posted the following comment: "Maidel,I couldnt help but notice that you were in the facebook group advocating openness to single women going to that your position?"
At first I was like - what?? Am I really part of such a Facebook group? But of course, I'll let you all in on a little secret - I join a lot of Facebook groups. I get a lot of requests and because it's pretty tedious looking at all the details of each (and why not support my fellow facebook friends?!) - I usually just accept all requests sent my way.
So with respect to the abovementioned group, which I then looked up and discovered to be called "Open-Minded Mikveh" - just because I am in a group does not mean I advocate its policies. (and seriously people, it's not like I'm running your country - who cares what I advocate!)


The Babysitter said...

I think the person should have just sent you a facebook message to ask you about it.