Wednesday, August 20, 2008

presents presents presents

B'H quite a few of my friends have been getting married and having babies this summer. (not both at the same time, b'h)

Of course, I am always extremely excited for a friend who is having a simcha, and being invited to weddings and brises and baby showers and bridal showers is all part of the fun!
And being a Material Maidel, I especially love shopping for the perfect gifts for my favorite friends. Wrapping a present is my version of artistic expression.
Unfortunately, being a Material Maidel is not without its material drawbacks - it's expensive being me!
And sometimes it's hard to stretch a paycheck to accomodate my material needs and my need to shower my friends with what they deserve.
And presents add up!
What's a Material Maidel to do?


Child Ish Behavior said...

Rob a Bank?!

Anonymous said...

eBay, baby, eBay.

aml said...

your presence (at the wedding) is your gift?

SuperRaizy said...

Chip in with a friend or two and give one nice present together.

Frayda said...

Even a small gift is appreciated. You don't have to spend more than $20 to give someone a nice present.

Maidel said...

excellent ideas. all of them!

i tried robbing a bank but wearing a mask ruins my makeup.

ebay is ok, but it takes out all of the fun of touching and feeling while shopping.

i think my presence is definitely a gift, but not sure my friends will think it's enough.

maybe i will chip in with some girls!

eety01 said...

theres some realllllly cute CHEAP baby clothes at target/walmart or marshalls- if u want clothes with a name ;-P

Stam said...

outlet stores. gymboree/baby gap outlets have their great baby blankets etc. for 1/4 the price sometimes.

homegoods/marshalls/tjmaxs have great shower/wedding gifts for cheap too.

it really does all add up and can be very overwhelming! (but maybe they'll "owe you" when it comes your time...)